jueves, 20 de agosto de 2009

My Favorite Things

My favorite things... a vocal jazz song (one of my favorites), makes me think in few of MiYo's favorite things, and well, here is my list:

1. A bed for sleepy Miyo.
2. Delicious food ( and is better when i can share with someone like my Marcel)
3. Music (specially jazz)
4. Books (tales)
5. Grass and wet ground
6. Wine
7. Grapes
8. Kittens
9. Tea
10. Share my life with my best friends (no matter how far they are -Blank and my Manis-)
11. Walk in the park
12. The look of my dog
13. Trees (love to hugh them)
14. The sea in the afternoon
15. Yellow tulips
16. Jaaa and movies of curse (good cinema of all around the world)

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Yogui dijo...

Conste que estoy leyendo tu blog al revés... del final para atrás... ya se me está saliendo la lágrima del ojo...

Yogui dijo...

Que bueno que estoy volviendo a leer tu blog ahora amore...